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Heka App+

Use the Heka app to monitor your most important measurements and give you the peace of mind you deserve.
Heka - App Development
Heka - App Development
Heka - App Development

The first third-party app developed for your Helo.

Like the original app, Heka App+ monitors your bio-parameters and suggests ways to improve your lifestyle and well-being

What is Heka?

Heka is cutting-edge development company that is bringing new applications, products, services, and functionality to the healthcare consumer marketplace.

What is Heka’s mission?

Heka’s mission is to create products and services that will empower consumers to be more proactively connected with their care providers than ever before.

Why was Heka created?

Heka was created to drive innovation in a medically-approved, regulated medical device setting, a setting where Heka’s products and services will carry consumer healthcare into the technology age.

Monitor heart rate

Monitor breath rate

Evaluate blood pressure estimations

Graph heartbeat trends

Understand heart trends (heart check indicator)

Count steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned

Monitor sleep quality

Analyze mood and fatigue level

Receive detailed notifications about measurements

Remotely monitor loved ones (WeCare)

Send SOS alerts via text or email

Store data in personal dashboard and receive daily, weekly, and monthly reports

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Heka - App Development
Heka - App Development

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