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Pushing boundaries and revolutionizing advancements in healthcare.
Heka - App Development
Heka - App Development
Heka - App Development

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What is Heka?

Heka is cutting-edge development company that is bringing new applications, products, services, and functionality to the healthcare consumer marketplace.

What is Heka’s mission?

Heka’s mission is to create products and services that will empower consumers to be more proactively connected with their care providers than ever before.

Why was Heka created?

Heka was created to drive innovation in a medically-approved, regulated medical device setting, a setting where Heka’s products and services will carry consumer healthcare into the technology age.

Doug Robinson

Since CEO Doug Robinson took charge of Heka Corporation in July 2017, he has been striving to improve and expand the capabilities of this cutting-edge development company. Doug is a business professional with over thirty years of unprecedented management and healthcare experience. His excellent track record of stimulating growth and global expansion, along with his extensive management background within and without the network marketing industry, makes him the ideal fit for Heka Corporation.

Doug graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Gonzaga University and has served on the board of ten different companies over the course of his successful career.

Heka CEO Doug Robinson

Heka Corporation

is a development company founded in San Francisco and based in Provo, Utah. Heka recently made the move to Provo to be close to its primary customer, WOR(l)D Global Network, a company driving the future of the wearable device industry.

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Heka - App Development
Heka - App Development

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